my debut novel

When the Stars Dance

book one of the true order series

The True Order is shrouded in mystery, just the way they like it 

The True Order is a group of organisations that operate beyond the realm of life, in the dark and light places in between realms. They serve the living in ways that we do not know or see, but they are there. Well … we are not supposed to know or see them. We are only supposed to be guided by them.

A few times in recent history, they have become known to us. Not just the Guides of the True Order of Life and Death, no, other True Orders also come to light to us mere breathers

and dreamers. And what do they reveal to us? Ah. Only Father Time and the Man on the Moon know for sure.

This series follows a few ‘breathers’ – living people – who are pulled out of our living world into those of the True Orders. Book One follows Cormac, who you can find out about below. Book Two follows Ed, coming soon! Books Three and (maybe) Four … ah, well … you’ll have to see when the time is deemed right.

About The True Order Series

Book One of the True Order Series

When the Stars Dance

In the True Order of Life and Death, one man’s love can end the world … or save it.

After waking up in the dark with no memories, Cormac learns that he is dead. He is now a Guide in the Order that helps people cross over from life to death. Accepting his new role as an ally to the living, Cormac goes into their world and meets vibrant people who are alive and full of love and joy.

Although this world is enticing, mysterious things keep happening to him there, things that cannot be explained. He tries to find answers, but danger lurks behind each turn. The other Guides prove to be dangerous too, if not cryptic and deceitful.

Realising he is in danger, Cormac tries to focus on his newfound duties. But when he gets pulled between his responsibilities to the Order and the love he has found with one living beauty, Cormac must find a way to save her … a way that won’t tear the fabric of time and space apart.

This journey of self-discovery – filled with love, loss, and mystery – will pull you through different worlds and into the strange places in between … right to the edge of existence … and back again, if you’ll let it.

By the dim light that was around them, Cormac could see that they were in a small courtyard with a stone table and two benches on either side.

“Is this where your car is?” Cormac asked tentatively.

“Don’t be stupid, Cormac,” Akael spat, “Guides don’t use cars.”

Cormac, our story’s hero, and Akael are both Guides for the True Order of Life and Death

Book Two in the True Order Series coming soon

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In the Rest of This Series

In Book Two, Ed feels like the smallest, shortest, and stupidest one of all his friends. They all have passions and make up games and stories, but he feels he can’t do anything. When his Dreamweaver, Eerie, contacts him with a fantastical story, Ed must face his self-doubt and find a way to save her and help her to save her realm.

In Book Three, Ruby is confident, outspoken, and strident. She starts a new gig but quickly learns that few want her there and fewer need her. Her Listeners plague her and steel her voice, forcing her to re-evaluate how she interacts with others and what is truly important. (Please note that this may change as the story writing process progresses.)

And in the final instalment, Book Four, … ah, well, you’ll have to stay tuned for that.

… and perhaps a few in between.

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