my latest novella

Corsac the Wonderer

the first answer when the world calls

The World is filled with intelligent creatures of all kinds, who love, fight, adventure, and listen for the Call of The World.

Corsac the Leucistic Fox lives in the southeast of The World, where mountains sour, forests thrive, valleys wind, and the Call seems impossible to hear. There has been much burning, stealing, and hurt that has ravages this place in the last turns of The World. But the Call has a plan of its own, and it knows better than any who will answer.

The World is a large place though, larger than even Corsac could imagine. The creatures of The World farm and hunt, they bargain and sell, they barter and steal, and they build houses and monuments and secrets, waiting to be discovered by brave and reckless adventurers. Deserts and grasslands and swamps and so much more can be found all across The World, from shining shore to shining shore.

The only true question left to ask: Will You answer the Call when it comes to you?

About The World

The First Answer when The World is Calling You

The Call is known to all the creatures in The World, but Corsac only wants to relax and forget … It’s a shame he won’t be able to.

Crafty Corsac the fox has lived and fought for himself for a long time. That is, until a stormy kitten attacks him, mistaking him for Tretin the Tyrannical, the warlord fox bent on burning all The World to nothing! … the very Tretin who viciously destroyed everything Corsac had ever had.

With a common enemy, Corsac and the woeful kitten set out for revenge. Along the way, they are joined by a rare giant hedgehog and a nervous brown bear, and together, the four companions quest to free The World of the terror that Tretin the Tormentor brings. Their adventure takes them to many towns, introduces them to many new friends, and gives Corsac cause to wonder about the kind of fox he wants to be.

Corsac the Wonderer is the First Answer in the series The World is Calling You. The World is an enchanted and sometimes wild place, with many more adventures to offer. Will you answer when the Call comes to you?

When the companions walked into the small town later that afternoon, the whole town came out in droves, cheering and whooping and clapping the companions on their backs.

“What’s going on?” Corsac asked as the crowd around them grew into a throng.

“Don’t look at me,” Felix grumbled. “You’re our fearless leader. You find out.”

Corsac the Wonderer, Chapter 6: A Kernel of Wonder

The town of Verrickdale is known as a place of healing and service

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will there be more calls?

In The Second Answer,

In The Third Answer,

In The Fourth Answer,

… and there may be a few in between or before or after.

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