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Hi! I’m Author Robyn Anakin Veary, an indie author of fantasy and science fiction stories. My debut novel is called When the Stars Dance. It’s the first story in the True Order Series, which is looking like four books right now. That’s just the beginning! I’ve got epic fantasy, galactic treasure hunting, and many stories in between waiting to be told!

I write mainly about love, life, adventure, and what it means to be human.

Not Just Another Author

I may be young and inexperienced, but I have so much to offer


my stories centre around characters who are flawed, hopefully interesting, and sometimes, a little quirky


I hope that my narratives get you to think about your world and what you can do to make it better


my yarns are meant to enchant and make your day, but on a realistic note: I just hope they bring you joy


above all, I hope that you find my tales fun and enjoyable. That is my greatest desire for anything I write

my debut novel

When the Stars Dance

Moving in and out of time is easy. Moving in and out of love will prove to be the biggest challenge of this man’s entire death!

In this first instalment of the True Order Series, we join Cormac as he tries to navigate becoming a Guide in the True Order of Life and Death and trying to solve the mysterious things that keep happening to him, all while he falls hard for a breathing, living woman.

This journey of self-discovery – filled with love, loss, and mystery – will pull you through different worlds and into the strange places in between … right to the edge of existence … and back again, if you’ll let it.

When the Stars Dance is an eBook You Could Own
When the Stars Dance is an eBook and Paperback

Our business is thousands of years old, as long as the breathers have died. We are the Told, and we set out to fulfil a need. The need isn’t merely keeping the True Order of Life and Death. It is also to help those who are left behind.”

Cormac and Inade discuss what the True Order of Life and Death is

Book Two in the True Order Series coming soon

Some of My Other Stories

I may only have two stories published, but I have many more coming

After the World Went to Hell, Published in PROBE 158,

is an action-packed zombie story set in my hometown of Pretoria. It follows a group of survivors who have been sent out by HQ to find any supplies they can. They have a newbie with them, and she runs blindly into a building. The team follows, and what they find leads them to take drastic and aggressive action.

I had many more stories planned for this team and other teams that survived the zombie apocalypse, so if you’re still interested in these kinds of stories, I’ll happily write more of these for you.

The True Order

is a group of organisations that operate beyond the realm of life, in the dark and light places in between realms. They serve the living in ways that we do not know or see, but they are there. Well … we are not supposed to know or see them. We are only supposed to be guided by them.

A few times in recent history, they have become known to us. Not just the Guides of the True Order of Life and Death, no, other True Orders also come to light to us mere breathers and dreamers. And what do they reveal to us? Ah. Only Father Time and the Man on the Moon know for sure.

The Magical Lands of Xarynea

has two moons, about ten continents – though more appear regularly, and others are frequently lost – and hundreds if not thousands of islands, both in the oceans and the skies.

On this magically unstable planet live beings like Elissa (a simple human, chosen for things greater than herself), Benjamin (left for dead as a baby, raised by mischievous and cunning fae, and set against the very people who left him), and Connla (a dwarven teenager with problems of her own and a father who … spoilers!) – beings who struggle with life and loss—And did I mention the floating islands?

The Interplanetary Empire of Valadysium

was considered to be the jewel of paradise when the colonists first made their homes here after the destruction of Old Earth. With fifteen planets – many of them habitable – thousands of deities, and thirteen empires, what could possibly go wrong?

Soon, you can join Lincoln and his peculiar robot, Hermione on her first space trip, Nerrek in his virtual reality gone Western, and many more.

Much more happens in Valadysium than we’ll ever see, but that won’t stop us from looking, now will it?

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